Poetry Workshop

Creative Writing

From Chaucer onwards poets have often been thought of as a ‘rum lot’ in one way or another. Whilst the Purbeck Arts Club poetry group doesn’t promise a riotous couple of hours (first Monday of the month, October til May, 2.30 pm at the Rectory classroom, Church Hill) we have been offering a warm welcome to all along the years.

At present we are fortunate to have a nucleus of diverse poets who write about anything and everything, serious, funny, challenging, short or long, any style or format, and have many an enjoyable afternoon (with tea and biscuits too!) talking about each others contributions. The area we live in acts as a stimulus but the common denominator is a love of words – and thereby hangs a Tale!

An anthology of Members’ poetry is published bi-annually.

A poem a month! Watch out for the posts of a new poem each month.